What is a storm surge

Storm surge can penetrate well inland from the coastline. A storm surge is possibly one of the most dramatic weather events in the UK resulting from low pressure, high winds and tidal conditions. Follow latest developments as Irma moves up the west coast of Florida. A storm surge of to above normally dry land posed an “imminent danger” in Southwest Florida.

Storm Surge Warnings Remain in Miami-Dade County Following Irma Landfall. Florida braces for Irma’s wrath: Residents pack shelters, visit bars as they await monster…. MIAMI — A storm surge is called dangerous and life-threatening, but what exactly is it? A storm surge is an unexpectedly high water level caused by an atmospheric phenomenon, and are among the most devastating natural catastrophes.

HURRICANE IRMA is set to bringer monster storm surges to the Caribbean and Florida. The hurricane is leaving flat expanses of land where ocean used to be, but all that water will rush back as storm surge. When the water rises, dangerous flooding can happen near the coast.

Low atmospheric pressure allows sea level to rise, and gale force winds combined with the . Hurricane Irma path: When will Hurricane Irma hit Miami in Florida? One major cause of hurricane damage is storm surge.