What is left after a hurricane

Hurricane Irma: before and after in video. It left homes floode shop-lined streets turned into rivers, giant cranes and trees snappe and 5. Soon after Irma left dead on St.

A combination of pictures taken on Sept. The view from the ground shows how buildings were flattened and trees ripped out of. The hurricane has killed at least people in the region and left. There was widespread damage reported on both island chains after Irma hit .

How do cities rebuild after hurricanes like Harvey and Irma? Dozens of dogs abandone left unable to escape as Irma bears down. HURRICANE Irma has left an extraordinary trail of devastation.

Barbuda was already almost entirely destroyed by Irma, and most people have been left homeless by the extreme weather. Millions of residents were ordered to evacuate on Saturday after the powerful storm killed at least people in the eastern Caribbean and left. After initially surveying the damage, Gaston Browne, prime minister of . Even when left outside, keep generators away from doors and windows and at least feet . People are fighting in the streets for what is left.

High winds from the hurricane caused the fire to quickly spread.

Southeast Texas Inundated After Harvey Makes Second Pass Over . A picture of those left behind. Their checks were due to arrive three days after the hurricane. Several dogs were found tied up and left to fend for themselves as floodwaters caused by tropical storm Harvey rose around them.

Winds dipped as Irma soaked the northern . Families, homes, and lives uprooted. Milien and what is left of his home.