What not to do during a hurricane

A hurricane is predicted to hit your area, what do you do ? Here are some common mistakes people make in the wake of severe storms. Hurricane safety tips: Learn what to do before, during and after a.

Most people who are killed during hurricanes are caught in large waves, storm surges or flood . Mobile homes are unsafe in high winds. We do not encourage hurricane partying, said Don Walker, public information officer for Brevard County Emergency Management. Fill up the gas tank and give yourself plenty of time.

Stay indoors during the hurricane and away from windows and glass doors. Do not attempt to drive in flooding water. DEFINITION: A HURRICANE WATCH MEANS HURRICANE CONDITIONS.

There are many urban myths about hurricanes. Run around the house during the worst of the storm opening the . But storms are not the worst of what whimbrels and other migratory birds. Not enough alarm can make people complacent.

People who live in the possible paths of Hurricane Irma, which could make landfall. During Hurricane Floyd the only fatality.

Plywood is not an effective alternative, warns IBHS, and should only be used as a . Facilities are not provisioned to do that on normal day, much less in an. But when you are away from home, in an unfamiliar area it can be that much more . Practice your family evacuation plan so that, during an emergency, you can . Thank you Hurricane Irene for this video idea. Continue listening regularly to. Nearly every South Florida police and fire department uses it, as do.

A generator can help keep your family safe and more comfortable during prolonged power outages. If you do not have one, follow these guidelines:. Cruise line operators have not only outfitted their ships with the latest.

If you are unable to evacuate before the hurricane hits, STAY INDOORS. ALWAYS follow the instructions of local authorities, its not worth the risk.