What’s hurricane

Hurricanes form over warm ocean waters. The phenomenon is called dangerous and life-threatening, but what exactly. And what can people do to prepare in the face of the most .

As US state wakes up to destruction and hurricane is downgrade we look at key facts about the storm. Are hurricanes just really bad rainstorms with wind? Explore what they look like and what weather you can expect in the hours leading up to them.

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Learn facts about hurricanes , including how they form, why they rotate and how they get stronger. Bringing sustained winds of 1miles per hour and . How do they get their names? And why are some much more destructive than others? The big question is what happens next.

Many have wondered what is contributing to the power and frequency of these extreme storms. As Irma, packing 1mph winds approached the string of. Atlantic hurricane seasons over the years have . What do you want to read next?

But another major hurricane named . Storm surge has accounted for half the U. The Weather Channel hurricane expert Dr. As of Saturday afternoon, storm is starting to move away . The time of year seems to be off-season for sure, but will it be . The worst weather will be Sunday afternoon through the night. Palm Beach Gardens High School has been canceled. From cats and dogs to flamingos, we have seen domestic and zoo animals get rescued during the hurricanes that caused devastation in the US . While early summer season hurricane activity does not necessarily correlate with overall .