What to do during a hurricane to stay safe

Also, do not go outside to see what the wind feels like. Get tips on how to stay safe during these fierce storms from National Geographic. Make sure your home meets building codes for withstanding hurricanes , and they.

Report downed power lines, and stay away from them. If you are not advised to evacuate, or are unable to do so safely , stay. Staying in the know can keep you and your family safe.

Of course, do not try to go outside during the storm.

SAFETY RULES: (Adapted from the National Hurricane Center). Hurricane Irma, or any storm that threatens Florida during hurricane season,. Stay informed by monitoring the storm via radio, TV, and internet.

Secure your home, close storm . What to buy to stay safe , whether to leave town and more. Learn what to do to keep your loved ones safe ! Unfortunately, all you can do with storms like this is sit tight and ride it . During severe weather events like hurricanes and tornadoes, winds can reach speeds greater than. Here are seven ways you can make sure that your cat stays safe and.

Keep your whole family safe. Tropical Storm Harvey: Stay safe during power outages and flooding. Tips for after the hurricane.

Find out how to keep food safe during and after and emergency. As Hurricane Harvey approaches Texas, tips to stay safe. Eight tips to protect your family and home during hurricane season.

How to stay safe during Hurricane Sandy: tips. And do what you can to prevent items outside your home from being picked up by strong .