Where to park your car in a hurricane

We were able to do it because we had security people there,” said the Miami Parking Authority’s CEO Art Noriega, which oversees the Marlins Park garages. The garage, the one behind home. Hurricane Irma is expected to make landfall in the U.

Jump to Parking Safely – Store your car in your garage, if possible. If you choose to park in your garage, shore up the garage doors and windows with . Protect your car from falling debris by parking inside, if possible. And if you plan to park your vehicle , a garage is safest.

Consider parking your car outside, tight against the garage . We have the details on how to protect your car , your home, your pet,. How to make sure your coverage is ready in case your car is damaged. Please note that your assigned garage may not be the one closest to your residence. If possible, park in your garage or carport.

Your car can be one of your most expensive and prized possessions. As hurricane season approaches, it is time to start to map out your plan to keep your car. Before the storm hits, park your car as high up as possible.

In addition, fuel may be running short, so taking just one of your cars helps everyone else fuel up and get out of.

Park vehicles in enclosed spaces if possible. Park your car in the garage, out of the elements. And how can you protect your car from hurricane damage?

If you have no garage or carport, park your car as close to the house as . Do not park near power lines that might fall on your vehicle. Knowing the basic tips for protecting your car from hurricane damage. The best is to park your car in the garage or any sheltered building, but if you do . If you intend to ride out the storm, be careful with how you park your car.

Learn the storm surge history and flood zones of your area.