Why did hurricane matthew happen

Nassau ground observations DID NOT match statements! HURRICANE Matthew has battered the Caribbean with life-threatening 145mph gales and torrential downpours. Photograph: Andres Martinez .

After barreling through Haiti, Cuba and the Bahamas, the storm is expected to hit the east coast of . Matthew, and downed trees and closed roads hit much of the . Hurricane Matthew has killed hundreds in Haiti and is causing. Thursday evening, local time.

Authorities there did not provide details about how they died. Did climate change cause this hurricane ? In general, hurricanes just happen. They need warm water, moist air and converging winds to form.

Problems related to Matthew could occur as far to the north as . Although the overpass did not directly intersect the storm center, CloudSat . Local officials in Georgia confirmed three deaths, as did Gov. The river was projected to hit 30. Maureen Miller, her family and dog finally did make it back to their .

Nicole is expected to make an about-face on Sunday and start. That could make Matthew the first major U. Matthew hung just far enough offshore that communities did not feel the full force . Matthew – the most powerful hurricane to hit the Atlantic Seaboard in over . Tropical-storm force winds could hit the area by Sunday. While Matthew did not technically make U. These storms happen every year. So why do some people believe the government controls them, and how? Now, it threatens the Southeast U. Florida coast for several hours.

Jacksonville, as did President Barack Obama.